WTF is happening in healthcare

A combination of COVID-19, new regulations, and better tools have opened up a lot of opportunities for new healthcare entrants in the next few years

Join me in a live presentation and discussion on 10/28, 3PM-4PM EST + Q&A

A presentation from Out-Of-Pocket

In this presentation, I plan on going through:

  • The macro shifts caused by COVID-19

  • Why the existing business models of healthcare incumbents are failing

  • Trends that have made it easier than ever to start a healthcare startup and iterate on ideas

  • Upcoming regulation and reimbursement shifts

  • New distribution considerations due to COVID-19

  • Changing care delivery models

Also there will be memes of course

About Me

My name is Nikhil and I'm the founder of Out-Of-Pocket. My goal is to make healthcare easier to understand through a newsletter, children's books (what?), and new projects coming out soon.

Previously I did healthcare research at CB Insights and worked at TrialSpark.

The best place to find me is trolling on Twitter (@nikillinit), but you can also contact me at

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